Annual Dental Cleaning Hospital for Pets in Aliana

Looking for dental cleaning for pets in Aliana? Oral health is one of the most important part of Pet’s overall health. Infection from the mouth can reach any organ and portion of the body. It can affect health of the heart, liver, and kidneys as well. Therefore, it is highly recommended to check your pets’ teeth at least once or twice by your veterinarian.

We are full service Veterinary hospital in Aliana neighboring Harvest Green. We provide Affordable Petcare in Richmond including Professional Dental cleaning under safer (gas) Anesthesia.

Pet do develop dental plaque which becomes tartar over time and commonly harbor infections underneath. Brushing your furry family member’s teeth daily can effectively prevent or reduce the chances of dental tartar and gum diseases. We as a family Pet Hospital in Aliana also provide specific consultations on various modes of at-home dental care best fitting to individual needs of your pet.

Early detection of gum diseases is the key which is often diagnosed during annual exam visits. Professional Dental cleaning is recommended for Pets once or twice a year as brushing their teeth at home can be a little challenging.  It commonly includes scaling and removal of dental tartar above and below of gum lines, polishing, and thorough evaluation of teeth.

This process requires general anesthesia for the safety of your pet, deep teeth cleaning, and evaluation. Your Veterinarian may recommend dental treatments and/or extractions depending on teeth/gums conditions and dental X-rays.

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