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Veterinary Services

You and your pet will benefit from our well stocked in house pharmacy. We maintain a complete inventory of pharmaceuticals, supplements/vitamins, shampoos, flea and tick control products as well as heartworm preventatives to meet the needs of your pet.

Wellness Exam and Vaccines

Pets can not talk and age much faster than people, therefore need yearly wellness exams. Dogs and cats need vaccinations at all life stages to prevent infectious diseases. Call us to know more about the needs of your pet.

Dermatology & Allergy

Allergy testing including food elimination diets may be recommended. If your pet is itching, biting, or scratching more than usual, they could be suffering from a fungal or bacterial infection and or allergy.

In House Lab & Radiology

Our in-house laboratory enables us to provide a number of useful diagnostic services for your pet, with results, in most cases, available in couple of hours.

In House Pharmacy

We have a in-house pharmacy stocking all commonly prescribed medications including injectables, providing a one stop shop for quality pharmaceuticals.

Nutrition & Behavioral Counseling

Our service aims to make specific dietary recommendations based on a pet's individual needs. The diet will take into account the type and quantity of food a pet should eat to meet his or her nutritional requirements.

Surgical Services

We do all kind of soft tissue surgeries such as spay/neuter, tumor removal, bladder stones, exploratory, splenectomy, ear hematoma, eye surgeries and more. We also pay special attention to safety of anesthesia for each patient.

Best Family Pet Hospital in Aliana TX

We are affordable compassionate quality pet care provider which has served Fort Bend and Harris Counties from past several years.

NPH Mission

Why NPH?

We are affordable compassionate quality pet care provider which has served Fort Bend and Harris Counties from past several years. We promise to provide every service with a smile, compassion and to your highest level of satisfaction.

NPH Mission

Our Values

To be among the first healthcare destinations for pet care while providing exceptional care with a perfect blend of high-end technology and medical expertise.

NPH Mission

Our Mission

Our team strives to offer the best care that our hospital can provide with the highest level of veterinary healthcare,
anytime, day or night. That is our promise to you.

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